In addition to the various boards of the church, several committees take on specialized roles.


The Hospitality Committee helps provide, prepare, and serve food for special church receptions and the weekly fellowship hour.


The Music Committee is responsible for hiring and evaluating the music director and for overseeing all of the church's musical endeavors and assets, including the organ and pianos.


The Nominating Committee is tasked with identifying and selecting members to serve on the various boards of the church. This committee normally meets in the spring to prepare a new slate in time for approval at the mid-year meeting.

Pastoral Relations

The Pastoral Relations Committee, with its members appointed and reporting to the Cabinet, evaluates the pastor's performance and acts as liason between the pastor and congregation.

Special Events

The Special Events Committee is charged with coordinating special events held at the  church—making sure that proposed events are consistent with church policies and that they do not conflict with other activities.


The Stewardship Committee raises funds for operating and outreach purposes through an annual pledge appeal to members. The Stewards generally meet between October and January, our annual pledge solicitation period.

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